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Reverse Osmosis

Water Purification

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis is an effective way to purify water for human consumption. It is effective at softening water, lowering pH and will remove at east 96% of impurities found in tap or well water. It is effective at removing heavy metals, inorganic compounds, bacteria, viruses, and organic contaminants R.O. water cannot be used with copper piping as RO water is so pure it will attract the copper in the pipe thus deteriorating it. This deterioration is a form of osmosis.

Two Types of Membranes Used

1. CTA membrane (cellulose triacetate): Located upstream of a carbon filter. CTA's can tolerate chlorine. They actually require chlorine to combat bacteria as CTA's are susceptible to bacterial attack.
2. TFC membranes (thin film composite): located downstream of a carbon filter. TFC's do not like chlorine, and will not tolerate chlorine. TFC's are not susceptible to bacterial attacks, and can tolerate relatively hard water.

TFC RO's Uses a Three-Stage Filtration System

1. A 1-micron sediment pre filter: removes sand, dirt, rust and other large suspended matter.
2. A high activity carbon filter: removes organic contaminants like pesticides, chlorine, and other Harmful chlorine by products through absorption.
3. A TFC membrane: filtered water is forced through the microscope pore in the RO membrane to further remove compounds to 96% pure thus producing a highly polished water with a slightly acidic pH.

The process and

The Details

Ultraviolet Light

Ultra Violet Light (Called UV) Destroys a wide range of microorganism including bacteria, viruses, algae, protozoa, parasites and mold spores. UV light damages the DNA part of the bacteria and viruses in such a way that they are unable to reproduce. A cell that cannot reproduce is considered dead as it is unable to multiply to infection number within a host. This is a highly effective way of destroying bacteria in water and in a correctly designed installation 99.999% reduction is achieved. UV is strictly a disinfecting process like chlorination in the sense that the numbers of microorganisms are reduced to a very low level but not necessarily to zero. Complete removal of microorganisms is called sterilization and can realistically only be achieved by high temperatures. UV is effective in destroying the following organisms.

Activated Carbon

Activated carbon plays an integral role in any complex drinking water system. Activated Carbon is a form of elemental carbon whose particles have large surface area with high adsorptive qualities primarily used to remove objectionable tastes and odors and numerous toxic compounds found in water. Adsorption is defined as the adhesion of gas, vapour, or dissolved organic compound on the surface of activated carbon and one teaspoon of activated carbon will have a surface area equal to a football field.

Mechanical Filtration

Mechanical Filtration is defined as the process of removing suspended particles from water by a straining action. The finest mechanical filters can remove bacteria as small as 2 micron. Our RO machine uses three mechanincal filters:

  • CP520-BB
  • GX05-20
  • 1 Micron


Ozone can be used for disinfections and oxidation (disinfections being broadly defined as the inactivation of bacteria, viruses and parasites). Ozone very effectively eliminates many of these contaminants. E. Coli, Straphyloccus, Legionella, Pneumophila, Protozoa Giardia and Cryptasporidium are examples of microorganisms that are oxidizable by Ozone. Ozone is commonly used to remove ferrous compounds (in a soluble state) and manganese from tap water. The problems normally associated with the presence of these metals are more aesthetic than health relates. However, the growth of iron and manganese- oxidizing bacteria – can cause a deterioration of overall water quality.
Altac Services RO Engine

Reverse Osmosis Water Machine

Altac designs, builds, maintains and installs Water Purification Equipment. Specializing in the commercial sector, our Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) machines provide a multiple step filtration process, which can be customized for your particular application, including certified controls for ease of operation.

As with any water filtration system there are 5 main steps in determining the quality of water one expects to achieve.

  1. Determine the quality of water the customer would like to receive.
  2. Perform a proper water analysis
  3. Pick the appropriate equipment for your specific needs
  4. Choosing the specific placement and set up of the equipment.
  5. Main plan and procedures.

Our systems are custom tailored to your needs and are both economical and flexible. We pre fabricated in our shop to minimize on site disturbance due to installation. We specialize in Reverse Osmosis, catering to the commercial sector and currently have over 100 units on our current maintenance schedule in two provinces.

Our Prefilter package is designed to maximize RO membrane life and improve water quality. The prefilter can either be manual, automatic or 24 hour operation and would consist of any or all of the following:

  • Carbon Filter
  • Sediment Filtration
  • Tannin Removal
  • Ultra Filtration
  • Softening
  • UV Sterilization
  • Iron Removal
  • Ionizers
  • PH Correct
  • Multi Media Filtration
  • Ozone
  • Injection System (Chlorine)
  • Copper Silver Ionization

The RO Engine can range from 2000 to 11,000 GPD. They come equipped with the following options:

  • CSA certification
  • Concrete Flow Meters
  • Pre meat Flow Meters
  • Waste Flow Meters
  • Liquid Filled Gauge Readings:
  • Membrane Press
  • Pre Filter Press
  • Post Filter Press
  • TDS Monitor
  • Auto Flush Cycles
  • Pre Treat Lock Out
  • Stainless Steal Membrane Housing
  • Low Pressure Cut Off
  • Luminated Status Indicator Screens
  • 150 Gall Storage with repressureization System
  • 300 Gall Storage with repressureization System
  • 500 Gall Storage with repressureization System

All our custom controls are certified and can ve tailored to your specific needs. These are some of the options we can do but are not limited to:

  • Ozone Monitoring
  • Ozone Cycles
  • Ozone Control at Shut Down
  • TDS Alarm at Control
  • Low Water CutOff
  • High Engine Pressure
  • Low Engine Pressure
  • Filter Change
  • Engine Shutdown
  • Manual Flush Cycles
  • Forward Flush Cycles
  • Reverse Flush Cycles
  • Timed Flush Cycles
  • Water Quality
  • Monitored Flush Cycles
  • Counter Cycles
  • Counting Cycles
  • Digital Displays
  • Ozone System
  • Carbon System
  • UV Sterilization
  • Membrane Filtration
  • Sediment Filtration
  • Advanced Oxidation

Our dispensing headers are easy to operate and offer several varieties of water to chose for multiple purposes:

  • Pre Filtered
  • Softened Water
  • Softened Pre Filtered Water
  • R.O. Water Ozone Out
  • R.O. Water Ozone In
  • Bypass Able
  • Monitored Bypass Able